Anxiety can be an emotional pain


Tux, my cat

Anxiety is something I have.  Anxiety has been something that I continue to deal with since 2008.  In 2008 was when I noticed it anyway. Sometimes I think its a curse, but I know sometimes its a blessing. A couple things that I have to do or check every night that increases my anxiety is to make sure my car is locked up, and make sure the front door is locked. Other than that, every other anxiety tends to be stuff I have very little control over at the time. When these other anxiety moments pop up, my cat actually helps me and curls up next to me (when I am home, of course). My cat seems to know when my anxiety is high.   At the following link are 15 small steps that can help people control anxiety.

To often, when anxiety gets to be too much people who have very little coping skills for such see no way out other than suicide. If you know someone who suffers from anxiety, you can help them. Share the 15 tips with them. You can save a live. Also, check out my Resource page.