About me? Where to start? Where to begin?

I am a very analytical person. I like to look at facts and I like trusted information.  I am a man that has only a few passions in life.

I am a reconciled United Methodist Christian. I believe that everyone should be welcome to church regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, age, and any other discriminate barriers that keep others from the love of God. Churches are not welcoming unless they are reconciled churches. We have a lot of work to accomplish in this area.

I am very involved in suicide prevention (read my first blog). My home state of MT ranks #3 in the nation for having the highest suicide rates in the nation. Honestly, I can not pin-point why that is.

I think teen homelessness is a big problem. In my hometown, I see a lot of homeless adults. I know there are also a lot of homeless teens. It seems that when the food trucks roll around, the homeless adults chase away the teens.

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